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Immersiveland is a story spinner, a creator of enhanced experiences, and a dynamic content maker that is full of surprises. Using innovative technologies, we can turn spaces into immersive wonderlands.

Designed and crafted by our very own Indonesian creative prodigies, we combine state of the art, world-class multimedia to bring stories to life. We endeavour to blur the boundaries of real and virtual, breaking down walls to stretch dramatic and emotional experiences for the senses.

Immersiveland would soon give birth to many mind-blowing themed experiences and artworks. We would like to invite you to experience digital technology spaces and artworks. Be prepared to immersify with us.

Measures to prevent the spread of covid-19

We are taking the following measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Please refrain from visiting Immersiveland if any of the following apply to you!

You have a fever of 37.3° C or higher when your temperature is taken before entering immersiveland.
You have cold symptoms or feel sick or unwell.

Request to Visitors

Wear a Mask

Visitors are required to wear a mask and to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

Wash & Sanitize Your Hands

Make sure to wash and sanitize your hands. Hand sanitizers are available throughout the venue.

Practice Social Distancing

Maintain sufficient distance from anyone around you.

Bring your Own Socks

Socks are available to buy, but we recommend bringing your own socks.

Precautions Being Taken

Date & Time Specific Tickets

Tickets have set admission dates and times.

Limited Entry

The total number of visitors is limited.

Temperature Measurements

Your temperature will be taken using a non-touch thermometer before entering

Frequent Disinfecting

All areas in are being cleaned and disinfected every hour.

Amber is the stone of hopes and dreams that every child possesses in AmberVille, a peaceful place where every living creature lived happily side-by-side. But then came an evil Giant, named Azura Daichi, who wanted to take all the happiness from the children. He was jealous of what they had and wanted every child in AmberVille to suffer like him. Azura then took the Amber from all the children, causing AmberVille to be dark, gloomy, full of misery and sorrow. AmberVille was never the same again.

After long days of desperation, one day the children of AmberVille decided they have to fight Azura and get their Amber back. But how? They are too weak and outsmarted by Azura and his army. Then a name came to their mind, a brave soul that could help bring the Amber back. Her name is L Brianna. She is an orphan that promised to uphold justice and stand up to bullies.

Can L help the children get the Amber back from Azura and make AmberVille see the light again? Children of AmberVille have no choice, L is their only hope!



High Tech

We combine art and world-class multimedia technology to bring stories to life. Designed & crafted by our own Indonesian creative prodigies.

Wide range target customers

Our concept would be appealing, not only for kids and teens, but also for adults. People of all ages will be lining up for this!

Refined in trend concept

Riding the wave of emerging trend of art and selfie places. We come with a refinement concept!


Immersive digital technology spaces and artworks, where the boundaries between real and virtual don't seem to exist.

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